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With courses focused on learning more than what a certification requires, you can use them to build your resume and build your career. 

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The Philosophy is simple at More than Certified:
You learn tech better when you use it. Everything we teach is taught in real environments using real projects. We stay out of the sandboxes here, but don’t worry, we cover every step to ensure you don’t get lost…or overcharged. 

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Every course is taught primarily through projects and hands-on demonstrations. Although necessary at times, text-on-screen is kept to the bare minimum. Of course, notes are encouraged and quizzes are provided, but it’s difficult to match what you will learn by getting your hands dirty with real projects. 

Featured Courses

Learn Terraform by using terraform

Deploy Docker, AWS, And Kubernetes Resources Using Terraform!

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Learn Docker with an End-to-end IoT Project!

Learn the internals of Docker while building a Docker Deployment from scratch!

Learn Docker with an End-to-end IoT Project!

Learn DevOps Fundamentals while building with terraform, ansible, and jenkins!


Derek Morgan

With over a decade of experience in various positions within tech, Derek Morgan has seen many different environments and mentored many aspiring engineers involved in infrastructure, cloud, DevOps and more!

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