5 Qs for a Manager

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Scott Mabe:

Engineering and Development Manager/

Punk Music Connoisseur

  1. Hi Scott! Thanks for taking these questions. What’s your story?

    My name is Scott Mabe. I am the manager of engineering and development at Onix Networking. I started working in cloud back in 2012 and have not looked back once. In a previous life, I was a radio DJ/Engineer.

  2. Do you perform any online research on candidates before the interview related to their resume? If so, what do you look for in this process?

    I will look at people’s LinkedIn profiles to see if their resumes and experience match up. I will also take a look at their GitHub pages. I’ve found GitHub can be interesting, and from there, I can get an idea of how people work.

  3. What are some resume “red flags” for you when choosing from a pool of applicants? How might one avoid these?

    Scott: One big red flag to me is passing off AWS Amazon Partner Network (APN) certs such as the AWS Technical Professional certifications as an official proctored AWS cert. There’s nothing wrong with APN training, but sadly some recruiters will see that and think it is the actual certification.
    Multiple jobs within a single year are very concerning to any hiring manager. Avoid job hopping as much as possible.

  4. Is there an uncommon skill, detail, or other inclusion you’ve found on resumes that, when you see it, generally gets a candidate moved up the list?

    Clearly defined skills and roles catch my eye. Right now I need data engineers, so adding the key services from AWS/GCP pull me in. Those services also help me figure out who I want prospective employees to interview with from my current teams.

  5. What is your favorite punk band?

    My All-time favorite is Bad Religion, followed by Lagwagon. One somewhat new hardcore band I’m loving is World Be Free.

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